One Broadway Lobby

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Client: MIT Investment Management Company

Project Description

  • Repositioning the 4,500-sf lobby in the One Broadway office tower introduces a vibrant, welcoming space for people to connect, collaborate, and recharge.
  • In a unique departure from traditional lobby design, comfortable seating and a spacious communal worktable offer alternative workspaces for visitors and building tenants.
  • Wall treatments, furniture, light fixtures, and drapery create definition in the open space. Acoustical solutions include a wall of fabric-wrapped tiles, acoustic tiles that disappear into each ceiling waffle, and large area rugs.
  • A wall-sized glass garage door swings open to connect the adjacent restaurant to the lobby, adding to warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Photos © Adrian Wilson

Comfortable seating areas provide opportunities for coworking and conversation or quiet work.
Laptop tables turn the seating banquette into an alternative workspace
The wall-sized garage door opens to connect the lively restaurant to the lobby area.
Banquette seating with felt-wrapped acoustical tiles
artwork relected in table