Boston Art

Boston, Massachusetts
Client: Boston Art

Elkus Manfredi took on a challenging project in working with Boston Art to design our space. The usage of our interior is so unique and atypical. The idea is that when people come into our space, we want them to imagine their new space, and we ask them to help us curate what art acquisitions would best benefit them. The big ‘aha’ moment occurred to the Elkus Manfredi team when they realized that we don’t want to be a clean white cube like so many other art galleries. We are more of a working studio. As such, you can see the massive art storage racks, not hidden but front and center, just like you would see if you were paying a visit to an artist studio. We also collaborated on the idea that there should be minimal color in our furnishings, leaving it for the art to do the talking! The overall design intent is hip, industrial chic, and very much in line with the style of the architecture of the building.”

Jon Kirby

President, Boston Art

Project Description

  • This art consultancy’s new headquarters is housed in The Innovation and Design Building and supports collaborative consultant/client curation process.
  • Efficient, sophisticated hybrid workspace combines offices, gallery, open art storage, workstations, meeting, and studio space.
  • Open floor plan, clear sightlines, and glass walls maximize the sense of spaciousness.

Photographer: Eric Laignel

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Boston Art Reception
Boston Art Kitchen Pantry
Boston Art Metal Sculpture
Boston Art Open Office Work stations
Boston Art View Towards Team